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オラクル EBS R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications

Exam Number: 1Z0-238 / 1Z0-238

Duration: 90 minutes

Associated Certifications: オラクル E-Business Suite R12 Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional

Number of Questions: 75

Exam Product Version: E-Business Suite Tools and Technology ,

Passing Score: 63%

Exam Price: US$ 150

Validated Against:

This exam has been validated against Release 12

format: Multiple Choice


Recommended Training

  • R12.x Install/Patch/Maintain オラクル E-Business Suite

Not avaialble at this time



Preparing for your Installation

  • Advantages of Rapid Install
  • Technology Stack Components
  • Pre-requisites required (Platform Hardware and Softwares)
  • Staging Software
  • How Installation works

Performing an Installation

  • Types of Installation (Standard/Typical/Express)
  • Validation of Parameters passed
  • Restart / Troubleshooting fresh Install
  • Rapid Install progress monitoring

Finishing your Installation

  • Explain required post-installation tasks
  • Describe the client software configuration process
  • Describe installation-specific post-installation tasks 
  • Sanity Checks after successful installation

オラクル Applications Components

  • Identify and describe the high-level technology stack components that make up the desktop, application and database tiers
  • Understand how オラクル Applications uses the various technology stack components
  • Identify the various oracle homes used by the オラクル Applications
  • Identify and describe the role of the various Applications Technology layer products
  • Identify the key changes in the R12 applications technology stack

Environment Files, Control Scripts and Languages

  • Describe the オラクル Applications main environment file and its key parameters
  • Identify other important environment files
  • Identify application tier server control scripts
  • Explain how languages are supported by オラクル Applications

オラクル Applications File System

  • Describe the オラクル Applications file system (both database tier and application tier)
  • Describe the product directory structure
  • Identify the important product directories (AD, AU)
  • Describe the role of the following directories:  APPL_TOP, COMMON_TOP, INST_TOP
  • List the directories that are new with Release 12

オラクル Applications Database

  • Describe the objects and schemas that exist in the オラクル Applications database
  • Describe the purpose of the APPS schema and Additional Schema
  • Impending Multiple Organization and Reporting Currencies
  • Overview of Database Features
  • Database Monitoring Features
  • Database Performance Features
  • Database Scalability and Business Intelligence Features
  • How to Start and Shutdown the database server and listener

Advanced Configuration Options

  • Understand the use of a shared application tier file system in オラクル Applications
  • Explain the benefits of using a staged APPL_TOP
  • Identify the main load balancing options and their key features
  • Understand the major factors in efficient network design for オラクル Applications

R12 Use オラクル Applications AD Utilities

  • Configuration and environment files
  • Identify the AD utilities
  • Understand the usage of command line arguments and flags
  • Describe parallel processing
  • Identify the location and usage of log and restart files. (adadmin.log and adwor0xxx.log)
  • Distributed AD

AD Administration: Maintain Applications Files Tasks

  • Relink オラクル Applications programs
  • Create the main Applications environment file
  • Identify the appropriate servers for file system administration tasks
  • Maintain Snapshot Information

AD Administration: Compile/Reload Database Entities Tasks

  • Using Compile/Reload Database Entities Tasks
  • Alternative methods to compile/generate & reload objects

AD Administration:  Non-interactive Operation and Maintenance Mode

  • Create a defaults file and running AD Administration in non-interactive mode
  • Enable and Disable maintenance mode
  • Benefits of Running AD Administration in Non-interactive Mode
  • Defaults file available menu options

Special Utilities

  • Overview of AD Controller
  • Understand the worker status
  • Troubleshoot worker processes
  • Restart and shutdown a worker
  • AD Relink Utility
  • Describe the Upgrade Process
  • Review Worker Status & It's Flow


  • Describe the Applications Context
  • Describe Autoconfig
  • Identify Scripts used by Autoconfig
  • Run Autoconfig to configure an オラクル Application System
  • Update Applications Context Parameters
  • Restore Applications Context Parameters
  • Roll Back an Autocofig Session
  • Run Autoconfig in Test Mode
  • Troubleshooting / Dependency while running Autoconfig
  • Benefits of Context Files
  • Autoconfig in OAM

AD Administration: Maintain Database Entities Tasks

  • Using Different Options Maintain Database entities task
  • Dual Table

License Manager

  • License Manager Utility
  • Register products
  • Register country-specific functionalities
  • Register languages
  • Identify licensed products and languages
  • License Manager Summary Report

Reporting Utilities

  • Overview of Command Line Reporting Utilities
  • AD Configuration Report
  • AD File Identification
  • AD Job Timing Report
  • Running AD Configuration

Configuration Utilities

  • Install a new off-cycle product
  • How to use AD Splicer
  • Convert the character set of Applications files

Patching and the AutoPatch Process

  • Overview of patches (includes the purpose, types of patches, naming convention)
  • Describe the elements of a patch
  • Distinguish between a patch, minipack, maintenance pack and consolidated updates
  • Describe how a patch is created
  • Overview of Autopatch and its features/ Options
  • Explain the steps AutoPatch goes through to apply a patch
  • How to apply a Patch (both on single node and multi node configuration
  • Downloading a Patch



試験コード: 1Z1-238
試験名称: R12 Oracle: install,Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications
日本語JPN Oracle 1Z1-238認定




試験コード: 1Z1-238
試験名称: R12 Oracle: install,Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications
1Z1-238認定 模擬試験 問題集




試験コード: 1Z1-238
試験名称: R12 Oracle: install,Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications
Oracle 1Z1-238認定 オンライン版